September 19 2014 German
GlobalScout 1.6.0 has arrived
GlobalScout GlobalScout 1.6.0 is approved!

What's New in Version 1.6.0:

+ New (gorgeous looking) clustering algorithm. Large datasets are handled even faster.
+ Integration in Apple Maps as a routing app. The GeoHUB is now complete.
- Bug fix: Partly corrupt file import with files containing a lot of extensions.
GlobalScout 1.5.0 is out
GlobalScout GlobalScout 1.5.0 is approved!

What's New in Version 1.5.0:

- Select All / Organize was too greedy.
- Manual reordering points was partly broken.
+ iPhone 5 support.
+ Support for Apple Maps (iOS 6).
+ Improved mapping engine. Faster, better tile reuse, caching, preloading. Moving during pinch.
+ Showing POIs and tracks on the rotating map.
+ KML gx:Track support (Google Latitude).
+ KML Polygon support (outlines only).
+ Export routes to Navigon (up to 28 POIs at once).
+ Support for "Open in".
+ Support for "Social Sharing" (iOS 6).
+ Individual colors for tracks.
+ Adjustable number of download connections.
+ A switch for optimized / non optimized track drawing.
+ Improved search. OSM-Search-Server changed to "Open MapQuest". Experimental POI-search (Near by & On Map).

Dropbox API change 2
GlobalScout BugsNow in March Dropbox has finally changed it's API. An update is on it's way, but this might take a week or two.
As a workaround, you can use the real Dropbox-App to send GPX and KML files to GlobalScout (just use Open in), or you can send the Data as an attachment of an eMail (again use the "Open in" functionality) and of course you can always go the classic way and use iTunes (Link) to exchange data. The last option is the build in WEB server, go to "settings / Import & Export Files / Web Server (lower left)".
Dropbox API change
GlobalScout BugsOn December 1st 2012, Dropbox will switch to a new API. For new users, this API is currently not compatible with GlobalScout, they won't be able to link GlobalScout to their Dropbox account. Sorry for the hassle, we are working on an update.
Tiles @ Home is gone
GlobalScoutUnfortunately the Tiles @ Home server is history:
Please remove it from your map sources.

For more map sources please visit our "Articles" section..
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