GlobalScout 1.5.0 ist da

Das Update GlobalScout 1.5.0 ist im AppStore angekommen.

Was ist Neu:

- Select All / Organize was too greedy.

- Manual reordering points was partly broken.

+ iPhone 5 support.

+ Support for Apple Maps (iOS 6).

+ Improved mapping engine. Faster, better tile reuse, caching, preloading. Moving during pinch.

+ Showing POIs and tracks on the rotating map.

+ KML gx:Track support (Google Latitude).

+ KML Polygon support (outlines only).

+ Export routes to Navigon (up to 28 POIs at once).

+ Support for "Open in".

+ Support for "Social Sharing" (iOS 6).

+ Individual colors for tracks.

+ Adjustable number of download connections.

+ A switch for optimized / non optimized track drawing.

+ Improved search. OSM-Search-Server changed to "Open MapQuest". Experimental POI-search (Near by & On Map).


GlobalScout the ultimate GIS tool! The hub for all your GEO data. It can handle ridiculous amounts of data, hundreds of tracks and thousands of waypoints or POIs for all your favorite locations. Take all your geo data with you. Record, manage, search and edit them on the road. Plan your trip with GoogleEarth, download your favorite POIs from the internet, use the same files you use on your navigation system (GPX, KML and KMZ) and upload everything to your iOS device.

★ Universal App for iPhone & iPad ★


► Upload, record, manage and edit hundreds of tracks and thousands of waypoints.

► Send waypoints or Points Of Interest to your Navigon or TomTom navigation app.

► Import and export GPX, KML and KMZ files by Dropbox, email, the integrated web server or via iTunes.

► Export GPX, KML or KMZ files to other apps.

► Share waypoints, POIs or your current location.

► Offline map cache allows you to load maps once and view them later without an internet connection. Save data roaming charges abroad.

► Use custom map server.

► Moving map.

► Auto rotating map (requires a magnetometer).

► Navigate to waypoints using bearing, heading and distance.

► Measure distances on maps.

► Display coordinates in D, DM or DMS. Use metric, imperial, or nautical units.

► EGM2008 altitude correction.

► Track statistics.

► Stable and fast, powerful not colorful.

All default data like maps, routes and search results are provided by OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, GeoNames or Wikipedia.

Important: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.