Dropbox API change 2

ow in March Dropbox has finally changed it's API. An update is on it's way, but this might take a week or two. Read more…

Dropbox API change

On December 1st 2012, Dropbox will switch to a new API. For new users, this API is currently not compatible with GlobalScout, they won't be able to link GlobalScout to their Dropbox account. Sorry for the hassle, we are working on an update.

Tiles @ Home is gone

Unfortunately the Tiles @ Home server is history: lists.openstreetmap.org. Please remove it from your map sources.

For more map sources please visit our "Articles" section.

Great Tutorial

Here you will find a great user made tutorial. Well, at least if you are able to read German...

The site is not available anymore

Update GlobalScout 1.0.2

GlobalScout 1.0.2 is approved! Read more…